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Sandy Lam(林忆莲,Lín yì lián,born on April 26, 1966), also known as Lam Yik Lin, is a Cantopop singer who sings in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese.

Sandy Lam, whose ancestral hometown is Ningbo, was born in Hong Kong and began her career at the age of sixteen, getting a job as a D.J. for Commercial Radio Hong Kong. She began her singing career in 1984 when she was signed to CBS Sony. Her first single was I Don't Know About Love. Sandy Lam has recorded not only with CBS Sony in the 1980s, but also with Warner Music, Rock Records (Taiwan's largest independent label), Virgin Records, and now Capitol Music.

She gained popularity in Taiwan and mainland with her debut Mandarin release "Home Again Without You" (爱上一个不回家的人,ài shàng yī ge bù huí jiā rén) in 1991. In 1995, she teamed up with Jonathan Lee, Taiwanese music producer, and released her 4th Mandarin album Love, Sandy featuring a hit single "Scars" (伤痕,shāng hén), which became one of the all time best selling Chinese language albums. Since then Sandy has moved beyond the Hong Kong music scene and spent most of her time in Taiwan, China, and Japan.

She returned to the music scene with a hit single "At Least I've Got You" (至少还有你,zhì shǎo hái yǒu nǐ) from her first album with Virgin in 2000. It was on the KTV Music Chart for 8 months. In December 2001 she released a Mandarin-language album entitled "Truly Sandy", on which she co-wrote four songs. In the same year, she appeared as cast member of an Andrew Lloyd Webber concert Masterpiece, which also featured West End and Broadway star Elaine Paige and China's all-time best-selling recording artist, American-Chinese Kris Phillips. This concert was sold out with an audience of over 17,700 people.

She has won many awards in the course of her career, including Best Regional Performing Female Artist, Best Album, Best Female Vocalist, the Asia Pacific Most Outstanding Female Artist, and an honorary Music Award for her contributions to the music industry.

 All the songs of Sandy Lam

 1.  When the love became bygone
 2.  At least I still have you
 3.  The night is too dark
 4.  Clang Rose
 5.  I understand
 6.  Scar

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Difficulty: 9/10
Speed: 82 characters/min
Total characters: 355
Unique characters: 129
Characters difficulty: 8/10

告别   白昼         
夜色   轻轻   包围    
   世界   正如      想要      那么      
霓虹      人影      鬼魅    
   城市   隐约         堕落         
如果      看来   颓废    
要是               酒杯    
   不住      眼角   不欲人知         
               暖暖      安慰    
      在乎   酒醒         憔悴    
酒精      一切               
告别   白昼         
夜色   轻轻   包围    
   世界   正如      想要      那么      
霓虹      人影      鬼魅    
   城市   隐约         沦落         
男人      不见   莲花    
开始   觉得   牡丹         
女人   芳心                 所谓    
      看见         角落      伤悲    
               真爱      滋味    
      担心   明天   会不会   后悔    
酒精      一切               
   轻轻        轻轻        轻轻      包围    
如果      看来   颓废    
无心            酒杯        理会      
只是   只是   只是            
      不住      眼角      眼泪      
暖暖      安慰    
      在乎   酒醒   之后      憔悴      
      担心   明天   会不会   后悔    
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