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Han Hong (韩红, Hán Hóng) is a Chinese singer and songwriter of ethnic Tibetan and Han Chinese origin.

She is one of the most famous female singers in China, and has maintained her diva status since 2003.

She is also a songwriter who specializes in a variety of Chinese folk music.

She was born in Shigatse, the second largest city of Tibetan Autonomous Region. Like her mother, who's also a singer and who is of Tibetan ethnicity, Han Hong is able to shift quite easily from piercing high pitches to soft low tones.

She performed in a Chinese television gala broadcast after the Olympic closing ceremony on August 24, 2008. She also performed at the 2008 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony on September 5, 2008.

 All the songs of Han Hong

 1.  Heavenly road
 2.  Dawn
 3.  The sea (live)
 4.  Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
 5.  Hope
 6.  Hometown
 7.  Endless love

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Difficulty: 9/10
Speed: 84 characters/min
Total characters: 361
Unique characters: 165
Characters difficulty: 8/10

歌曲:   美丽      神话      
演唱:      红,            
孙:   梦中      熟悉      脸孔    
         守候      温柔    
就算   泪水   淹没   天地    
   不会   放手    
每一刻   孤独      承受    
            许下   承诺    
合:         之间   熟悉      感动    
   就要   苏醒    
韩:   万世   沧桑   唯有         永远      神话    
潮起潮落   始终         真爱      相约    
      苦痛      纠缠   多少   黑夜   挣扎    
紧握   双手                        离分    
孙:            冰封      爱恋    
真心   相拥   才能   融解    
合:         摇曳               
韩:   等待                        
无情   岁月         痴狂    
      钢铁      世界   荒芜    
思念      相随    
孙:   万世   沧桑   唯有         永远      神话    
潮起潮落   始终         真爱      相约    
      苦痛      纠缠   多少   黑夜   挣扎    
紧握   双手                        离分    
合:         岁月   唯有         永远      神话    
      没有   遗忘   古老   古老      誓言    
你的   泪水         漫天   飞舞            
                        相随   自在      
      岁月   唯有         永远      神话    
      没有   遗忘   古老   古老      誓言    
你的   泪水         漫天   飞舞            
                        相随   自在      
韩:            心中   唯一   美丽      神话    
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