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Angela Chang (张韶涵, Zhāng Shào Hán,born 19 January 1982) is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer and actress.

She was born in Taiwan. Her family emigrated to Canada when she was 12. Her first language is Mandarin Chinese and also fluent in English.

She attended many singing contests when she lived in Canada. At the "Rothenacker Village Festival" singing contest "BBC Star," she won first place by singing Chang Yu-sheng's popular song “The Days Without Smoking” (没有抽烟的日子, méi yǒu chōu yān de rì zi).

Angela started her career after she graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in 2000. She became popular after starring in the TV series My MVP Valentine.

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    Invisible wings

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Difficulty: 6/10
Speed: 82 characters/min
Total characters: 257
Unique characters: 101
Characters difficulty: 6/10

歌名:   隐形      翅膀      
演唱:   张韶涵    
每一次           徘徊   孤单      坚强    
每一次              受伤            泪光    
   知道        一直         隐形      翅膀    
           飞过   绝望    
           他们   拥有   美丽      太阳    
   看见     每天      夕阳            变化    
   知道        一直         隐形      翅膀    
   终于     看到     所有   梦想      开花    
追逐      年轻     歌声      嘹亮    
   终于   翱翔     用心   凝望      害怕    
           他们   拥有   美丽      太阳    
   看见     每天      夕阳            变化    
   知道        一直         隐形      翅膀    
   终于     看到     所有   梦想      开花    
追逐      年轻     歌声      嘹亮    
   终于     翱翔     用心   凝望      害怕    
隐形      翅膀           恒久            
   一个   愿望        自己   想像    
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