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Wilber Pan (潘玮柏, Pān Wěi Bó, was born on 6 August 1980. He is an American-born Taiwanese Mandopop singer, rapper and actor, who started his career as a host of Channel V programs.

He was born and raised in West Virginia, United States and moved to Taiwan at the age of seven. He attended Taipei American School and graduated in 1999.

He released his debut Mandarin solo album in 2002, Gecko Stroll (壁虎漫步,bì hǔ màn bù). His 2009 album, 007 was released at Family Mart convenience stores in Taiwan along with those of S.H.E and Angela Zhang(张韶涵,Zhāng Shào Hán).It features a duet, "Be with You" with American R&B singer Akon.

 All the songs of Wilber Pan

 1.  I want to understand you more
 2.  Happy worship
 3.  Gotta love you

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Difficulty: 10/10
Speed: 203 characters/min
Total characters: 645
Unique characters: 231
Characters difficulty: 8/10

歌名:   快乐   崇拜            
演唱:         柏,   张韶涵    
忘记      姓名                  
现在      我们        快乐   崇拜    
放下      包袱                    
传开      建立      快乐      时代    
快乐   到底   属于   哪个   年代    
70  80  90  还是   Y  世代    
翻开   历史   课本   答案   就算   仔细      
放松     让我           
什么   年代           什么              ER   
         我的   麦克风    
      Old  School  Show   
Yall  Ready  To  Roll   
70     年代    
复古         High   
Disco  Fever   
从来   不肯   Say  Goodbye    ER   
只有               才能      
男男女女   老老少少    
我们   穿      喇叭裤    
YO  爆炸              春风    
左右   摇摆     上下         神功   OU   
黑白   电视   可能   无法   感受    
     相信   你们   可以         黑色   幽默    
   什么   期待    
欢乐      邀请      一定      
与其   渴望   关怀    
不如   一起   精彩    
快乐      传染    
      慷慨   Come  on   
相恋        失恋                    
一边        一边      快乐   崇拜    
开心        开心                    
美丽      神圣      时光        等待    
      80  年代           什么    
B  Boys  B  Girls   
Let's  Make  Some  Noise   
   穿   什么         
   裤子        上衣    
      你的   身材    
有人   露出         
千万   不要   惊讶    
嘻哈     正在   发芽    
Lockin  Poppin  We  Dancing   
Ani't  No  Stopping       
快乐   崇拜     快乐   无害    
虽然   快乐              病毒      传染    
90       我们   等待   千禧年    
Party  电子   音乐     疯狂      整夜    
Hip-Hop  For  Life  That's  Right   
每个人   嘴里         Westside   
      是不是     真正     Party    天才    
扬起   你的   嘴角    
      快乐   崇拜    
   什么   期待    
欢乐      邀请        一定      
与其   渴望   关怀    
不如   一起   精彩    
快乐      传染    
      慷慨   Come  on   
忘记      姓名                  
现在      我们        快乐   崇拜    
放下      包袱                    
传开      建立      快乐      时代    
现代     这个   匆忙   时代    
虽然         时间        千万   不要   倦怠    
今天           交给   今天         
因为   明天         很多   时间     一起         
YO    放肆      节奏    
      放肆      互动    
      放肆      感动    
      放肆      创作    
      怎么   再说    
Pepole  Feel  My  Flow   
      快乐      Show   
   什么   期待    
欢乐      邀请        一定      
与其   渴望   关怀    
不如   一起   精彩    
快乐      传染    
      慷慨   Come  on   
相恋        失恋                    
一边        一边      快乐   崇拜    
开心        开心                    
美丽      神圣      时光        等待    
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