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Peng Li Yuan (彭丽媛, Péng Lì Yuán, born on November 20,1962 ) is a famous Chinese folk singer. She joined the Communist Party of China in July 1985 and married with Xi Jing Ping (习近平, Xí Jìn Píng) in 1987, who is the Vice President of the People's Republic of China currently.

 All the songs of Peng Li Yuan

 1.  Hero paean
 2.  On the field of hope

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Difficulty: 4/10
Speed: 112 characters/min
Total characters: 277
Unique characters: 131
Characters difficulty: 5/10

歌名:      希望      田野               
我们的   家乡        希望      田野      
炊烟      新建      住房      飘荡    
小河      美丽      村庄      流淌    
一片           那个   一片   高粱    
         荷塘           果香    
     我们   世世代代         田野      生活    
      富裕           兴旺    
我们的   理想        希望      田野      
禾苗      农民      汗水            
牛羊      牧人               成长    
西              那个           撒网    
北疆      播种           打场    
     我们   世世代代         田野      劳动    
      打扮           梳妆    
我们的   未来        希望      田野      
人们      明媚      阳光      生活    
生活      人们      劳动      变样    
老人们   举杯   那个   孩子们   欢笑    
小伙儿      弹琴     姑娘   歌唱    
     我们   世世代代         田野      奋斗    
      幸福           争光    
      幸福           争光    
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