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The guzheng(古箏, gǔ zhēng, with gu 古 meaning "ancient"; and also called zheng (箏) is a Chinese plucked zither.

The modern-day guzheng (gu jir-unn) is a plucked half-tube zither with movable bridges and 21 strings. However, the number of strings may range anywhere from 15 to 25. A customized version even exists with more than 44 strings. The strings were formerly made of twisted silk, but at the turn of the 20th century most players used metal strings (generally steel for the high strings and copper-wound steel for the bass strings). Currently most performers use steel strings flatwound with nylon.

The guzheng has a large resonant cavity made from wutong wood (Paulownia elongata). Other components may be made from other woods, usually for structural and decorative purposes.

 All the songs of Gu Zheng

 1.  Butterfly Lovers
 2.  High mountains and flowing water
 3.  The love of the coachman
 4.  Amitabha Buddha
 5.  Lotus in the snow
 6.  Canal town in my dream

 Complete lyrics with the instant dictionary

Difficulty: 0/10
Speed: 8 characters/min
Total characters: 10
Unique characters: 10
Characters difficulty: 1/10

歌名:         水乡    
Instrument:  gu  zheng   
Yuè  qì:  gǔ  zhēng   
乐器:   古筝    
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