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Tong Sheng(童声, Tóng Shēng) means the songs sung by children. Both “Let us sway twin oars” (让我们荡起双浆, Ràng wǒ men dàng qǐ shuāng jiāng) and “Where is the spring” (春天在哪里, Chūn tiān zài nǎ lǐ) are famous children's songs in China after 1955.

 All the songs of Tong Sheng

 1.  Where is the spring
 2.  Let us sway twin oars

 Complete lyrics with the instant dictionary

Difficulty: 4/10
Speed: 79 characters/min
Total characters: 170
Unique characters: 89
Characters difficulty: 4/10

歌名:      我们                        
演唱:   童声    
小船      推开   波浪      
海面   倒映      美丽               
四周   环绕      绿树            
小船      轻轻   飘荡               
迎面            凉爽         
红领巾         太阳      
阳光         海面         
悄悄         我们   愉快   歌唱      
小船      轻轻   飘荡               
迎面            凉爽         
做完      一天      功课      
我们      尽情   欢乐      
             亲爱的   伙伴      
      我们   安排      幸福      生活    
小船      轻轻   飘荡               
迎面            凉爽         
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