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Yu Jun Jian (郁钧剑, Yù Jūn Jiàn, born on April 16, 1956) is a national tenor of Sing and Dance Troupe of People's Liberation Army Flag of the People's Republic of China.His voice is clear and sweet.

He has combined the skills of the bel canto and the national songs to his songs.

 All the songs of Yu Jun Jian

 1.  The love song of Kang Ding
 2.  Say a word in heart

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Difficulty: 4/10
Speed: 70 characters/min
Total characters: 229
Unique characters: 81
Characters difficulty: 3/10

歌名:         心里话          
      心里话           想家      
            妈妈                 白发    
   思念   那个   梦中         
                   既然      当兵      
      扛枪           扛枪    
   保卫      妈妈           保卫      
      心里话        也不         
   懂得   从军      路上     风吹雨打    
人间      那个   烟火                 
      站岗           站岗    
   保卫      祖国           保卫      
                   既然      当兵      
      扛枪           扛枪    
   保卫      祖国           保卫      
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