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Yin Xiu Mei (殷秀梅, Yīn Xiù Méi, born in 1956) is a Chinese folk singer.

In 1976, she became a soloist at China Broadcast Arts Troupe.In 1983, she was admitted as a national soprano by Sing and Dance Troupe of People's Liberation Army Flag of the People's Republic of China.

She has won lots of awards for her performances since last three decades.

 All the songs of Yin Xiu Mei

 1.  Little grass
 2.  The Chang Jiang river

 Complete lyrics with the instant dictionary

Difficulty: 5/10
Speed: 69 characters/min
Total characters: 173
Unique characters: 98
Characters difficulty: 5/10

歌名:   长江                
         你的   丰采    
惊涛      你的   气概    
      甘甜      乳汁    
哺育         儿女    
      健美      臂膀    
      高山   大海    
我们   赞美   长江    
      无穷      源泉    
我们   依恋   长江    
      母亲      情怀    
      荡涤      尘埃    
      纯洁      清流    
灌溉         国土    
      磅礴      力量    
推动         时代    
我们   赞美   长江    
      无穷      源泉    
我们   依恋   长江    
      母亲      情怀    
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