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Richie Ren (任贤齐, Rèn Xián Qí, born on June 23, 1966) is Taiwanese singer and actor.

In 1996, he singed with Rock Records and released the first album "Rely". After six months, the track "Too soft hearted"(心太软 xīn tài ruǎn) of his second album sold out 26 million in Asia, which made him become the record holder in Chinese music industry.Since then he has become extremely popular throughout Asia, particularly in the Chinese-speaking countries. In July 2007, he performed at the Grand Convention of Sunrider in Hong Kong.

 All the songs of Richie Ren

 1.  Too soft-hearted
 2.  Girl from across, look over here
 3.  Blooming flowers and full moon night
 4.  Wave after wave
 5.  Your face is covered by tears

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Difficulty: 7/10
Speed: 104 characters/min
Total characters: 314
Unique characters: 112
Characters difficulty: 6/10

歌名:   对面      女孩      过来          
(咳)   对面      女孩      过来          
   过来        过来    
这里      表演      精彩    
   不要   假装   不理   不睬    
对面      女孩      过来          
   过来        过来    
不要      我的   样子   吓坏    
其实         可爱    
寂寞   男孩      悲哀    
   出来        明白    
                 媚眼   过来    
(嘿                         嘿)    
原来         女孩      不简单    
女孩         心事         奇怪    
寂寞   男孩      苍蝇      
为什么   还是               
无人问津           无奈    
对面      女孩      过来          
   过来        过来    
寂寞   男孩     情窦初开    
需要            一点      
(嗨   ...     ...)   
原来         女孩      不简单    
女孩         心事         奇怪    
原来         女孩      不简单    
女孩         心事         奇怪    
(唉     算了     回家   吧)    
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