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Luo Da You (罗大佑, Luó Dà Yòu, born on July 20, 1954 ) is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter. He is recognized as a major cultural icon in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

He complied with his family's wishes to finish medical school by graduating from the China Medical University in Taichung, but he showed his independent spirit by deciding to abandon a career as a physician to pursue a singing career. During the 1980s, he affected Chinese pop and rock music with his melodic lyrics, his love songs, and his witty social and political commentary that he infused in his more political songs, often to the point that some of his songs were suppressed in Taiwan and China.

His early music in particular shows strong folk roots, and many of his songs tap into native Taiwanese cultural influences. Some songs are reminiscent of 1950s American diner and soda shop rock, and others exhibit a 1970s lounge lizard growl. What captured the hearts of a generation, however, were his lyrics, touching on issues of life, attitudes, social responsibility, and the political problems of both mainland China and Taiwan with an underhandedly critical strain of dark humor. The lyrical style is not particularly artsy or complex, but rather conversational.

 All the songs of Luo Da You

 1.  Childhood
 2.  Pearl of the Orient (Hong Kong)

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Difficulty: 6/10
Speed: 111 characters/min
Total characters: 385
Unique characters: 195
Characters difficulty: 6/10

歌名:   童年          
池塘         榕树      
知了                  夏天    
操场         秋千      
只有   蝴蝶         上面    
黑板      老师      粉笔    
      拼命   唧唧喳喳         不停    
等待      下课    
等待      放学    
等待   游戏      童年    
福利社   里面   什么         
就是   口袋      没有            
诸葛四郎      魔鬼党    
到底                  宝剑    
隔壁         那个   女孩    
怎么         经过   我的         
嘴里      零食    
手里      漫画    
心里   初恋      童年    
总是      等到   睡觉      
   知道   功课            一点点    
总是      等到   考试   以后    
   知道                  没有      
老师               难买      光阴    
一天      一天                    
迷迷糊糊      童年    
没有人   知道   为什么    
太阳                     一边    
没有人   能够   告诉      
   里面   有没有         神仙    
多少      日子      总是    
一个人   面对      天空   发呆    
   这么   好奇    
   这么   幻想    
这么   孤单      童年    
阳光      蜻蜓   飞过      
一片   一片   绿油油      稻田    
水彩   蜡笔      万花筒    
         天边            彩虹    
什么时候   才能         年级    
   同学         成熟      长大         
盼望      假期    
盼望      明天    
盼望   长大      童年    
一天      一天                    
盼望   长大      童年    
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