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Fei Yu Qing (费玉清,fèi yù qīng, born on July 17, 1955), is a Taiwanese ballad singer.

His career began in the late 1970s, and he began to build a large fan base along with his elder brother(Chang Fei 张菲 zhāng fēi) who is the host of the variety show Variety Big Brother, also known as "Zong Yi Da Ge Da" (综艺大哥大), and is also a singer who has recorded CDs.

He performed several theme songs for television shows, some of which were more successful than the shows themselves.

He has a mellifluous voice and has sung numerous hits such as "Good Night Song" (晚安曲 Wǎn'ān Qǔ) and "A Spray of Plum Blossoms" (一剪梅 Yījiǎn Méi)."

In 2006, he featured in a duet in Jay Chou's song "Faraway(千里之外,qiān lǐ zhī wài)." In February of 2008, he also performed during CCTV-4's Chinese New Year special, singing a solo version of "Faraway".

 All the songs of Fei Yu Qing

 1.  Thousands of miles apart
 2.  A plum blossom
 3.  Evening bell at Nan Ping hill

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Difficulty: 5/10
Speed: 48 characters/min
Total characters: 156
Unique characters: 86
Characters difficulty: 5/10

真情        草原   广阔    
层层   风雨     不能   阻隔    
      云开日出   时候    
万丈   阳光     照亮         
真情        梅花         
冷冷   冰雪     不能   淹没    
就在   最冷     枝头   绽放    
看见   春天     走向         
雪花   飘飘           啸啸    
天地     一片     苍茫    
雪花   飘飘           啸啸    
天地     一片     苍茫    
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